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Royals and Dorkiness – Post 1

April 29, 2011

If there was an award for Dorkiest Guilty Pleasure in the World, I would have it.

Whenever there is big event broadcasted on tv – the kind that people later reminisce about with stories of where they were when it happened, or alternatively how they “didn’t care enough for such frivolities to follow them” (when you know they secretly did –wink!) – I not only watch every minute of it, I also take pictures of it. Through my tv. Ok I’ll just say it: Itakepicturesofmytv.

Obama’s election? Photographed through my tv. Obama’s inauguration? Photographed through my tv. The rescue of the Chilean miners? Photographed  through my tv, with special access to the mine’s inside courtesy of the BBC – whaaaat.

I know it sounds crazy.

And it’s not as if the pictures are anything to brag about, usually coming out discolored and with dark lines running through the tv screen area. It’s just that there’s something thrilling about the feeling of being able to capture major moments for myself, feeling like I’m immortalizing something that deserves it. It’s irresistible.

So it was today that I woke up (crazy) early to watch the Royal Wedding. I’m proud to say that I actually resisted grabbing my camera until the balcony appearance (though the delay was due more to my inability to get out of bed, not self-restraint). AND I am proud to say that while I was clicking away, capturing the royal cuties’ first kiss, the CBC correspondents chatted away and MISSED IT! Yup, even in my made-up reality, being vigilant came in handy.

Let’s just say, points for Barbara: 1, points for Peter Mansbridge: 0.

Cheerio to that!

First kiss

Kate Middleton – didn’t she look stunning? The dress!
Kate Middleton

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  1. July 1, 2011 03:47

    You are hilarious!

  2. Pauline permalink
    July 1, 2011 08:37

    Itakepicturesofmytv. Hahaha! They will be on Parliament Hill today – will you be photographing them on your tv again?
    PS. I appreciate the link to my blog 🙂

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