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Inspiration: Jasmine Star

May 3, 2011

It was a Friday night and I was doing the dishes. A glamorous way to spend a Friday evening, I know. To make the chore a little more bearable, I placed my laptop on the counter and set it to play photographer Jasmine Star’s recent Creative Live session. It was near the end of the filmed session, which was of two full days spent discussing the business side of photography, and Jasmine was on the topic of confidence. Confidence – the courage to start your own business, to have faith in your skills, to b.e.l.i.e.v.e. in yourself. She made it seem easy.

Then she told a story.

When she was young, she discovered two pleasures: eating and reading. She spent entire days doing these two things, reveling in them. It was local boys who eventually ridiculed her into the awareness that she had become overweight. She became self-conscious, something she struggles with to this day.

Today she is one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the US. She is an accomplished businessperson, a talented photographer, and a huge inspiration to me on many levels. To realize that she, like many of us, has gone through and overcome periods of pain and self-consciousness was just the eye-opener I needed.

I have always cursed my sensitivity. I have at times wished more than anything that I could be a person who is immune to others’ opinions, someone able to ignore scorn and coolly carry on.

I am realizing that it might not actually be in my cards to fight this curse. In fact, I might have been destined to embrace it. To take my sensitivity as an opportunity. To use it for the benefit of others. To express it through my work.

As Jasmine put it (fyi- I call by first name because after watching her speak for over 10 hours, she is akin to a friend), confidence is a foreign language to a lot of us. But it can start growing through the smallest of things. A smile, a compliment, a realization that it is possible to set your life on a path that you chose for yourself. Even in doing the dishes on a Friday night.


For anyone interested in pursuing wedding photography, I highly recommend buying the Jasmine Star “Building Your Wedding Photography Business” session from Creative Live and checking out the site’s other sessions at

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