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Big Universe Theory

May 11, 2011

I have a theory that when something is meant to be, the Universe steps in and throws people and situations your way to help you out. It’s been like this ever since I started to seriously consider photography. The massive encouragement from my friends and family, support from nearly everyone I share my ideas with, the opportunity to attend an awesome workshop in Las Vegas held by some of my *favorite* photographers ever, referrals and compliments, which never cease to surprise me – these are the things that are motivating me to keep pursuing this career idea, to keep pushing towards new goals.

And then there are the goals that are created for me.

Like today. I was in the office of one of the lawyers I work with. We get along really well and often end up talking like friends. She was asking me about what I want to do when my job at the firm is over, and I once again brought up photography. This lawyer, who happens to be pregnant at the moment, decided then and there that when she gives birth in September, she is hiring me to take pictures of her newborn. “You’re doing it and then I’ll tell all my pregnant friends about you,” she said, leaving me scared to even consider saying ‘no’.

When I came back to my cubicle, I literally danced from excitement. Then I whipped out the to-do list and added:

“Research baby photography”

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