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May 23, 2011

Henry Hartman famously said that “success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” There is no better way to put it. Success, in business or in any other field, takes solid hard work. It is just too easy to credit success with luck, to tell someone they are “so lucky!”, when we really should be saying “you are so driven and dedicated and hard working!”

That said, luck is undeniably still part of the equation. If success was a recipe, hard work would be a heap and luck would be a dash. Luck is that little push that comes along once in a while and gets you even further in your hard work. It’s meeting that great photographer at an event a few months ago who is willing to be in touch and to answer your questions. It’s living in a time when cameras are affordable and accessible and not exclusive to top level professionals. It’s entering the industry of wedding and portrait photography at a time of big positive changes.

I feel incredibly lucky to be starting out when I am. It is incredible to witness game-changing photographers, such as Jose Villa, Jasmine Star, Becker, Zack Arias and so many others like them, take over the industry. They are breaking boundaries and showcasing their incredible talent by incorporating elements of photojournalism, fashion photography and techniques that are not always considered ‘correct’ in traditional photography. Even more importantly, they are opening and warming up an otherwise closed, everyone-for-themselves type of industry. These photographers are posting tips and techniques on their blogs, hosting workshops, making videos to share what they know and actively encouraging photographer-to-photographer support.

With additional resources such as Creative Live, which hosts free live online workshops, and Open Source Forum and the [b] school, where photographers can discuss and connect, there is an endless amount of resources available for newbies and established pros alike. I think it is safe to say that with all these resources available, there is no better time to be entering this profession.

While I am still at the early stages of that heap of hard work, I feel like I’ve received my full dash of luck and am feeling extremely grateful.


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