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Friend Shoot: Celine

June 1, 2011

“Ok,” I said once the pink peony was fastened in Celine’s hair. The flower was heavier than we had thought. After using several bobby pins to keep it in place, and effortlessly hiding them with my friend’s curly hair, we were ready to begin. The camera was set, the sun was perfect and the setting idyllic.

“Ok!” I said again. Celine looked at me with anticipation. She waited for me to speak – for instructions. My mind started racing. What am I supposed to say to start this? Think, Barbara, think. Think of the pose book. I had spent hours scrolling through photography blogs and flipping through magazines throughout the winter, studying the poses and the lighting and collecting my favorites into a “pose book”. I knew what I liked – the natural poses, people outdoors having a good time, looking happy. I thought I was set. But here I was, ready to create it all for myself, and I was frozen.

Lesson #1 in photography: you know nothing until you start shooting.

It took a good two hours before we both felt like we were getting the hang of it. Two hours during which my imagination apparently decided to retract into a small crevice in my brain causing me to struggle and panic and think that standing Celine next to a set of overflowing bright blue garbage bins would be artistic. OVERFLOWING GARBAGE BINS.

Celine, I am so sorry.

Nonetheless, I am proud to say that we eventually found pockets of comfort and worked the heck out of them:

Celine 1

Celine 2

Celine 3

Doesn’t Celine just look gorgeous in this golden light?

Celine 5

Celine also has one of those perfectly symmetrical faces (that apparently makes you want to photograph only half of it):

Celine 6

Celine 7

In my post-shoot mental exhaustion, I came to realize the full scope of the reality check I had just had – being a photographer was going to be a lot more challenging than I thought. But I’m ready. Bring it on.

Celine 8

Special thank you to my amazing friend Celine 🙂

For more from this session, click here.

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