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Inspiration: Jose Villa

June 3, 2011

My life is officially complete.

Look at what I found at Chapters today:

Jose Villa book


If you don’t know Jose Villa, look him up. Right now. His work is utter eye candy. His photography is warm and delicate and beautiful and natural and just consistently great. Every time he posts something new on his blog, I know I will be blown away. As far as I’m concerned, he is photography gold and diamond and silver and platinum, all in one.

You can just imagine, then, my ecstatic reaction when I realized today that his new book “Fine Art Wedding Photography” is for sale in regular bookstores even here in Canada. And you can also imagine the great feeling of faintness that overcame me when I realized it’s not just a book of his photos – it’s an educational book with tips, techniques and advice from Jose himself.

It’s a workshop.
In a book.
That I now possess.

____ – that line is me unable to find words to express how AMAZING this is.

The book is filled with his photos, each of which has a caption detailing how the shot was created and the technical settings on his camera. He talks about posing and composition and creating pastel colors. He explains why he chooses film over digital and what he has learned from mistakes. Simply put, it’s like he heard me on the other side of his blog every time I’ve said “HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING?” and decided to answer the question. In detail.


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