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Friend Shoot: Elaine + Abhi

June 7, 2011

We decided from the beginning that Abhi and Elaine’s shoot would be tango-themed. The two friends are super-fans of the dance and are regulars in the Toronto tango community.

The dance, which originates from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, is usually danced in late-night halls with dimmed lights and couples swooshing about in an organized chaos – not in graffiti-clad alleyways in downtown Toronto in the middle of the day.

Nonetheless, for the purposes of our photo shoot, the alleyway was a perfect setting:

Elaine 1

Elaine 2

Elaine 3

We had originally planned to stay next to this bright yellow wall of a Spanish restaurant, but when we arrived the alley was full of parked cars. We maneuvered around them and still managed to get some shots in, but eventually relocated to an empty adjacent alley.

Lesson #2 of photography: take what you get and make it work

Elaine 4

Elaine 5

Elaine 6

Elaine 7

Elaine 8

Elaine 9

Elaine 11

Thank you for volunteering your dance skills Abhi and Elaine!

For more from this session, click here.

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