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Friend Shoot: Ania

June 21, 2011

My younger sister is infinitely cooler than me. I know – it’s usually the other way around, but that’s just the way it is.

She has a laid back way about her – never giving off the appearance of taking too much seriously. She’s smart and gorgeous, and she most recently discovered a passion for singing and guitar at which she is amazing. Like, serious-artist amazing.

Before I go on sounding like a proud (second) mother, I’ll just stop at saying that I am really happy she agreed to do this shoot with me. Along with our family friend Allison who was visiting that day, we went out into a Markham field just before sunset and captured these golden-hued images:

Ania 1

Ania 2

Ania 3

Ania 4

Ania 5

Ania 6

Ania 7

Ania 8

Ania 9

Ania and me:

Ania and me

Thanks Ania and Allison for putting up with the long walk in the field to get these pictures!

For more from this session, click here.

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  1. July 2, 2011 21:42

    Wow! These are really amazing!! Brilliant Job 🙂

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