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Inspiration: JLO

June 29, 2011

Have you ever seen a music video and just wanted to watch it over and over again? I currently feel that way about Jennifer Lopez’s new video for “I’m Into You”. The song may not be my favorite JLO hit, but the photography aspect of the video glues me to the tv every time.

The entire thing looks like a photo shoot. The location, the fashion, the angles, the colors, the black and white  – all of it looks like it was destined for a camera and shot with a video camera instead. Like it was meant to appear in a multipage spread in Vogue – the kind that I would rip out in its entirety and put in the front pages of my ‘pose book’.

You may think “oh no, did she go photographing her tv again?” I won’t deny that I was tempted. I just can’t help but see shots in nearly every scene of the video. Rest assured, though, I didn’t. I went for the more high tech route and instead digitally photographed it from my computer. 😉

Here are a few of my favorite “stills” from “I’m Into You”:




My heart flutters when I see this black and white. It is gorgeous.


I just love this composition. And the Mayan pyramid adds a supernatural feel.

The slightly desaturated, bluish green color editing here is stunning. Can’t you just see this as an ad for a high end designer? Or maybe for eye candy male accessories? 😉

JLO 10


All images taken from Jennifer Lopez Vevo on Youtube. Copyright 2011 Island Records.

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