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Friend Shoot: Leeza + Deanna

July 7, 2011

This is a story about realizing that we, as a collective society, have been fed very false ideas about fields.

Let me explain.

Leeza and Deanna’s shoot started on the pretty Main Street Unionville, just north of Toronto. We found an alley next to a historical house and had fun using some Starbucks drinks as props.

LD 1

LD 2

LD 3

LD 4

The core of our story, however, lies in the second part of the shoot: a Markham farm field at sunset. We drove around the real ‘farmville’ that is Markham for a while, trying to find the perfect field to end the evening. After some cruising (and singing at the top of our lungs) we finally found the spot we were looking for: a stretch of wild field with tall grass and flowers, a clearing to walk on and even a spot to park the car. It was meant to be.

We marched into the field, confident and ready to make some photographic magic.

And then it happened.

It started with a slight discomfort on my feet.

“I think I stepped into some prickly plants,” I told the girls as my feet felt more and more tingly.

“My feet are itchy too,” said Leeza.

We both looked down and instantly expressed sheer horror: our feet were swarming with ants. Red ants, to be exact. After a classic reaction to realizing that you are covered in ants, which includes sudden panic, intense swatting and immediate relocation, we tried to continue our shoot. Sure enough, no matter where we went in the field, our feet were swarmed again instantly.

Lesson #3 in photography: never be without insect repellant

And this is when we realized just how seriously popular culture had been misleading us.

The opening scene in Little House on the Prairie, when all the kids are happily running (and falling) down a hill? The (rather scary) scene in The Wizard of Oz when they all fall asleep in the field of poppies? The ‘Meadow Scene’ in Twilight, when Edward and Bella are lying side by side in a perfect field with perfect flowers, spending hours engrossed in each others perfect faces and sparkly bodies?


All these scenes have led us to believe that you could just carelessly lie down in a field, surrounded by perfect flowers, and not flinch once to swat a bug. That you could spend your days playing with your siblings, your dog and your vampire boyfriends and not once pause to flick an ant or a spider or a mosquito off of yourself. That you could spend half an hour photographing in a field that does NOT double as a giant ant hill and NOT emerge with swollen red itchy feet and an intense need to run to the nearest pharmacy for AfterBite.

As you can tell, I am still a bit bitter from my bites 😉 Enjoy the session!

LD 5

LD 6


LD 8

LD 9

LD 10

Leeza and Deanna are best friends. Spending an afternoon with the two high school seniors convinced me even more that theirs is the truest kind of friendship. It’s the kind where one look is enough to cause a laughing fit, where thoughts are communicated telepathically and jokes are of the inside kind.

LD 13

LD 14

For more of this session, please click here.

L+D, thank you for enduring the ants and being so great!

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  1. alberta permalink
    July 10, 2011 20:30

    I hate bugs.

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