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Awkward Family Photos – Birthday Edition

July 15, 2011

I am a big fan of celebrating people’s birthdays. Especially when those people are my favorite people in the entire world.

This Wednesday was my friend Celine’s birthday. You may know her from my first summer Friend Shoot this year – yeah, the one I asked to stand next to some garbage cans in 30 degree weather. The fact that we’re still friends after that shows a lot about our friendship.

Generosity doesn’t begin to describe her. When I was sick two months ago, she braved my infested apartment and brought me her puffer. Considering she has asthma and usually carries that puffer around for herself, it was an act of kindness that only profound selflessness can produce.

Celine is also insanely smart. She is currently finishing her Masters in French Literature at the University of Toronto and will be starting her PhD in September. Yeah, her PhD. She’ll be the second youngest person I know with a PhD – just behind Sheldon Cooper 😉

I wanted to do something special for her birthday this year and, inspired by a photo of us I have on my fridge, I decided to make her a picture album with photos from our 6 years of friendship. Going through all my old pictures, I discovered that there are some truly awkward photos of us in existence. We’re talking not looking at the camera, weird angles, unfortunate expressions – the kind of photos that make you laugh to yourself in public when you think about them, which in turn produces more awkwardness… that’s just how awkward they are!

The album is a celebration of bad photos and our friendship. It’s the kind of thing our kids will find in 30 years, laugh at immensely and post on the futuristic version of Awkward Family Photos. The kind of thing I already laugh at because it’s proof of how much I didn’t know about my camera in the past. And a kind of rarity because people don’t develop pictures much these days, much less awkward pictures.

In the spirit of sharing, here is a tiny peek into the collection of awkwardness:

Celine + Me

This photo was taken during the University of Toronto Dance Club year end party. I was in mid-sentence and Celine looks like she can’t believe how long it’s taking to take a picture. Classic 🙂

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