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August 6, 2011

This post is way overdue but I promise I’ve been trying to write it for the last 3 weeks. Life has been hectic lately but for the best reasons possible. I am leaving tomorrow on a two month backpacking trip around Europe, starting in Spain and ending in Paris. I’ll be a bit MIA from the photography scene but I will try to post as much as possible from the different places I’m in. Just a warning: this blog might temporarily turn into a travel blog. Unless I happen to stumble upon a wedding somewhere in rural Italy or mountainside France that is in dire need of a photographer and heroically take on the assignment … one can dream!

When I am back from this trip though, Barbara Kowalski Photography will be up in full swing. Watch out world! There will be friend sessions, baby sessions, a special photography challenge, and A BRAND NEW WEBSITE.

Before I go I wanted to share an experience that I had last month. In mid-July I was asked to assist a wedding with some great local Toronto photographers. It was a long day, from 6am makeup to a midnight buffet table, but I am more convinced than ever that I’ve finally found something I truly love to do. Even after 18 hours on my feet in full summer heat, I still went to bed thinking I wouldn’t mind getting up the next day and doing the exact same thing. Even more reason to be excited for coming back.

But for now back to packing I go. Ciao!

Map Spain


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  1. Pauline permalink
    August 7, 2011 05:15

    Barbara! Have a wonderful trip! I can’t wait to see you in a month or so!!!

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