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Working Holiday

September 5, 2011

The beauty of working towards a profession like photography is that even a holiday can be a work opportunity. Every day on my trip so far has been a chance to practice, improve and experiment with photography – all with some of the best sights and subjects in the world.

Today was an exceptionally real work day. I had a series of 3 to 4 hour-long train rides as I made my way from St. Raphael in the south of France to Florence, Italy and instead of indulging in my usual travel time-killers – listening to music, attempting to nap or chuckling at the sight of a cute little Italian nonna yelling into her cell phone – I decided I would actually take the train time I have and work. I downloaded some of the Creative Live courses I had previously purchased onto my mp3 player, bought some French and Italian fashion magazines and got down to it. When I wasn’t staring open-mouthed at the turquoise blue Meditteranean Sea and coastal Italian villages flashing by the window (too gorgeous), I watched videos on marketing, flipped through ads for Parisian and Milanese boutiques – folding the corners of pictures I particularly liked, and took notes on ideas for the business for when I’m back home. 

It comes down to this: the fact that I can incorporate my passion for traveling into a career, that I can gain inspiration from it and use it to foster my photography business, and to actually be able to call all of this work, makes me feel happier than ever.


Some views from today’s train ride:

Train ride view 1

View from train 2

View from train 3

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