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Sick Days p. II

December 14, 2011

You know that type of sick when even lying in bed is not comfortable? When you don’t have the strength to hold your laptop? When you actually wish you could go to work and have your normal life back?

Oh yes, it’s good old flu season and it’s never pretty when it hits. Six lemons, twenty tea bags and a million hours of sleep later, I finally gathered some strength to hold my laptop and decided to keep the ‘sick days’ tradition going. Here’s what has been keeping me company over the last few days:

1. New Girl

Ok, what is going on with this year’s tv lineup? There’s so many awesome new shows out there, it’s hard to keep up! New Girl has to be one of my favorites, and this I know because just watching tonight’s episode made me feel healthier instantly. I have to admit that Zooey Deschanel’s awkwardness takes some getting used to, but her three roommates and her friend Cece made it an instant hit for me. And Schmidt? This guy is on some major delusion pills and I love him for it. What other tv character do you know that has done parkour, sheep-dogged someone, worn a way-too-short kimono and hid from a cat while sunburnt, all in one episode? (<– Ps. that won’t make sense unless you watch the show, so go watch it!)

Oh and my favorite line so far? “If you tell anyone we held hands, I have two people in my phone that will kill you… literally.”

Check out Schmidt’s recently released online dating video from 2008:

2. Pinterest

Whenever I tell people about something I saw on Pinterest they stare back at me with blank looks. “On what-‘terest’?” Pinterest! I wish more people knew about this website because, seriously, it will change your life.  Pinterest is only one of the greatest things to have come out of the invention of the Internet. The way it works is that after you join the site (for free!), you can download a “pin it” button onto your browser. Later, when you are on any webpage and see a photo that inspires you or is something you want to buy or make, you press the “pin it” button and it will copy the picture you’re looking at and “pin it” onto your profile. You can label it and sort it into different categories to keep yourself organized. It’s so easy! You can collect anything with it – recipes, images for a future brand, ideas for a photoshoot, photos to keep yourself inspired. (Ok, it sounds girly but I know guys who use it too and they find it useful, I swear!)

When you do eventually join Pinterest, because, you know, you were so persuaded by my words above, be sure to let me know so we can follow each other. You can also view my page at


3. Apple Cider

If you are the child of immigrants, you will know what I mean when I say that I had no idea what apple cider was until I was 22 years old. In my family, we had apple juice and apples, and at Christmas we drank barszcz. We weren’t even aware of the existence of apple cider, much less its presence in Canadian Christmases, until a few years ago. My sister in law’s family was over for Christmas and it was then that we were really introduced to the warm and soothing deliciousness that is apple cider. Even just writing this makes me crave it. For now I’ll have to settle with my wannabe apple cider tea because, thanks to Mr. Flu, I didn’t have enough energy to lift the 4L jug of the real stuff at the grocery store today. 😦

4. Underwater fashion photography

A friend recently posted a link to Zena Holloway’s work on Facebook and I’ve been hooked ever since. Zena is a self-taught underwater photographer and has done advertisements for companies like Nike, Speedo and Herbal Essences. Check out her website for some truly original photography.

Zena Holloway underwater photography

That’s all my energy for now. I sincerely wish you all a flu-free winter season: keep yourselves warm, drink a lot of apple cider for me and remember your vitamin C!

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  1. December 14, 2011 05:01

    I do absolutely ADORE ur sense of humour. You’re writing in the way that make me think that we’re close friends, haha. I’ve just joined Pinterest. It’s just amazing. Thank you for share! And apple cider… It’s one of the most popular add to salads in Poland you know. It’s just harsh to your liver that’s way grandma Helenka was never using it and did’t teach her kids to do so. It’s also great weight loss supplement if using smart, brilliant “shine-add” to your hair and wonderfull toner for normal/combination skin. Apples has got the POWER baby! 😉 REGARDS, stay healthy and wealthy, haha. :*

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