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Big Steps

January 17, 2012

Building a business is a mix of exciting and terrifying. Every step you take brings out those two emotions in equal parts. Like last week.

I had felt for a while that, if I was to make a long-term commitment to photography, I’d have to upgrade my equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly stand by the notion that it is the photographer that makes the image, not the camera. I am proud of my 600$ Canon Rebel – it started my passion and taught me everything I currently know. It firmly stood its ground among the intimidating swarm of high-end gear at last year’s Las Vegas wedding photography workshop and traveled around the world with me.

But continuing on with my Rebel would be like entering the Formula 1 Championship with a Honda Civic. Both are great pieces of equipment, reliable and safe, but do not match up to the Ferraris and 5D Mark II’s out there.

This weekend I bought a Canon 5D Mark II. I was thrilled to know that I can now shoot with a camera that most of my favorite photographers use. I was also frozen in terror when I came home to see the total amount sitting on my credit card. Like I said, it’s always equal parts terror and excitement.

For now, I think it’s safe to say the excitement is starting to dominate. I am immediately noticing a difference in the quality of the images and I can’t wait to see the great things my 5D will enable me to do. 🙂

5D Mark II

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  1. January 17, 2012 20:48

    Such an expensive hobby and start up business. Good luck to you!

  2. January 17, 2012 22:26

    Good luck on everything! 🙂

  3. January 25, 2012 23:47

    hee hee, i just bought one of these in dec.
    also scary on the credit card.
    all the best as you start up – and let me know if you ever need to team up on a wedding or anything.

    • January 26, 2012 22:21

      Nice Mel! So great! It’s such a great camera. Yes I will definitely let you know about any weddings and shoots 🙂

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