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How to feel

March 7, 2012

I recently came across a list by Kerri Smith called “How to feel miserable as an artist“. Misery is not something you expect or hope to experience when undertaking a new experience, but it has definitely crept up on me more than once since the beginning of this photography goal. Reading Kerri’s list lifted a weight off my shoulder – it made me realize that I am not abnormal in my emotions and that most people who seriously take on creative jobs encounter similar mental obstacles. I sincerely recommend this list for anyone who is feeling down about something they’ve started.

Misery aside, I decided that I would share my own , albeit smaller, though definitely more positive, list: How to feel happy as an artist.

  1. Remain emotionally stable. Don’t dip too low on the downs, but don’t go too high on the ups.
  2. Work only with people who value you for what you are worth. There is nothing more uplifting than when a client agrees to work with you for the price you set. They make you want to give them everything and more.
  3. Consistently follow artists in your field, but only ones that you sincerely admire and look up to. Looking at too many people’s work creates chaos in your head and distracts you from your own vision. (The same applies for Pinterest.)
  4. Don’t forget personal side projects. Brilliant ideas are born in personal side projects.
  5. Be excited about the little things. A compliment, a comment, a new follower on Twitter. Heck, last week I got excited when I bought new memory cards.
  6. Focus on where you want to be and act as if you were already there. (I read this advice from the founder of IBM and it rocked my world.)

Oh, and don’t be ashamed of geeking out on what you love (found this baby at HomeSense):

Camera Clock

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