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Documenting Friends – Melissa and Adrian | High Park, Toronto

June 19, 2012

It hit me yesterday that since starting this photography endeavor, I’ve had, above all, the incredible honour of documenting the lives of those closest to me. My business and a need for practice have given me excuses to capture almost all of the people I love, some many times over, in the last year. (I say ‘excuses’ because I’m not sure if there actually are any other circumstances in which I could take 200 photos of my friends or family in less than an hour and leave them feeling happy about it!)

I have always been intensely drawn to documenting life – from writing journals when I was young, which included movie reviews and mini-articles about random topics, to specializing in history in university and insanely loving it, to working for the university newspaper and seriously considering journalism as a career. I’m starting to realize that photography is just a natural continuation of this desire to record and capture life as it is, and man, do I ever feel lucky to have this outlet…

It was my most recent ‘friend shoot‘ with Melissa and Adrian which started all of the thoughts above. Melissa and I have been friends since high school and over the years, with some shared travels and projects, we have grown to be best friends. We have one of those friendships where months can go by without seeing each other, and we can resume a conversation as if no time had gone by. She recently spent a few months back in Toronto while her boyfriend was studying in Cuba and I felt spoiled to see her so often. She even helped me make a super handy camera bag with her sewing skills and I am so grateful to her for that.

When Adrian returned, and before the two headed back to Vancouver, we had a session among the blooming cherry trees in High Park:

M A cherry trees

M A close up

MA Cherry

MA tree

MA tree lean

MA walking

MA cherries

It’s impossible not to love cherry trees in bloom. Those blush pink and white blossoms covering trees in rows drew out thousands of people to High Park this spring.

MA standing crowd

Melissa and Adrian are just the cutest and this is proof:

MA close up

MA sitting

M + A – you guys are the best and I can’t wait to see you again!

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