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Amber + Andrew Wedding Sneak Peek

May 1, 2012

Enjoy this sneak peek from Andrew and Amber’s wedding last weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake:

AA dress

AA party

AA both

AA first dance

AA mother son

AA father daughter

Congratulations Amber and Andrew!!

Stay tuned for the full wedding post to come!


Melissa + Adrian + High Park Cherry Trees | Toronto Photography

April 24, 2012

Enjoy this sneak peek of last week’s glorious session at High Park. The cherry trees were at their prime.

M + A 1

M + A 2

Andrew + Amber| Toronto Engagement Photography

April 1, 2012

Calm love. If there was a way to describe Andrew and Amber, that would be it. During our session, which we spent wandering through Toronto’s West End and catching the sunset at the waterfront, Amber laughed that her and Andrew are as relaxed as a couple can get. She laughed as if it were a bad thing. But it is the exact opposite of being a bad thing. The way these two are together is the definition of a strong, solid relationship. It’s the kind where you know everything about each other and you are content simply to be walking hand-in-hand on a beach boardwalk with the person you love.

Amber and Andrew will marry this spring and I am so honored to be documenting this time in their lives. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their session:

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 3

Beach 4

Beach 5

Beach 6

Look who stopped by to be part of the shoot/ to see if we have any food:
Canada Goose

Beach 7

Andrew proposed to Amber on Christmas Eve last year. On their drive home from Christmas Eve dinner, Andrew asked Amber if they could make a quick, unexpected stop. He has a tradition of visiting his grandparents’ graves around Christmas time and wanted to pay his respects that night. After being outside for a bit, Amber went back to the car to warm up. When Andrew returned, he asked her to step outside again and said, in his words, “I know you said you didn’t want anyone around, but the people here aren’t be here with us physically, though I know they are here in spirit” and asked her to marry him. Is that not the cutest story ever?


Beach 8

Beach 9

Beach 10

Alley 1

Andrew + Amber – Sneak Peek | Toronto Engagement Photography

March 22, 2012

A little sneak peek from Andrew and Amber’s beach engagement session last weekend. Be sure to check back next week for the full session and their sweet proposal story!

Andrew + Amber Toronto 2

Andrew + Amber Toronto 1

Baby Molly | Toronto Newborn Photography

March 13, 2012

Isn’t Molly the CUTEST baby name you’ve ever heard? But it’s only natural for a baby girl who is so sweet to have such a cute name. Molly was so well-behaved during our shoot – even looking straight into the camera towards the end. Molly, you definitely made your parents proud 🙂

Baby Molly 1

Baby Molly 3

Baby Molly 4

Baby Molly 2

Baby Molly 8

Baby Molly 5

Baby Molly 22

Baby Molly 9

Baby Molly 6

Coral Row | Toronto Portrait Photography

March 10, 2012

It has snowed a total of two days so far in the city of Toronto this winter, and one of them happened on the day of Celine and Adrien’s photo session. We woke up to freezing temperatures and the most beautiful cover of snow. Celine and Adrien were troopers, bearing the cold and, not to mention, the stares of people passing by on their way to the subway.

What I call ‘Coral Row’ is a row of abandoned bright coral homes on Glen Road, just by the entrance to Sherbourne subway station. The crumbling homes are about to be torn down to make way for a condominium building and I am so thankful that Celine and Adrien agreed to take advantage of them as a backdrop for their session. Decay can be really beautiful as a background for a photo session, especially when it brings such a great bright color into the mix.

Coral Row

C + A 2

C + A 3

C + A 4

C + A 5

C + A 6

C + A 7

C + A 8

C + A 9

C + A 10

C + A 11

C + A 12

A big thank you to C + A!

How to feel

March 7, 2012

I recently came across a list by Kerri Smith called “How to feel miserable as an artist“. Misery is not something you expect or hope to experience when undertaking a new experience, but it has definitely crept up on me more than once since the beginning of this photography goal. Reading Kerri’s list lifted a weight off my shoulder – it made me realize that I am not abnormal in my emotions and that most people who seriously take on creative jobs encounter similar mental obstacles. I sincerely recommend this list for anyone who is feeling down about something they’ve started.

Misery aside, I decided that I would share my own , albeit smaller, though definitely more positive, list: How to feel happy as an artist.

  1. Remain emotionally stable. Don’t dip too low on the downs, but don’t go too high on the ups.
  2. Work only with people who value you for what you are worth. There is nothing more uplifting than when a client agrees to work with you for the price you set. They make you want to give them everything and more.
  3. Consistently follow artists in your field, but only ones that you sincerely admire and look up to. Looking at too many people’s work creates chaos in your head and distracts you from your own vision. (The same applies for Pinterest.)
  4. Don’t forget personal side projects. Brilliant ideas are born in personal side projects.
  5. Be excited about the little things. A compliment, a comment, a new follower on Twitter. Heck, last week I got excited when I bought new memory cards.
  6. Focus on where you want to be and act as if you were already there. (I read this advice from the founder of IBM and it rocked my world.)

Oh, and don’t be ashamed of geeking out on what you love (found this baby at HomeSense):

Camera Clock